LinuxMP is a website for searching and viewing online the Linux Man Pages. For the creation of the website the man pages from a base Debian install have been used along with a number of programs and utilities to make the man pages available as html.

You can view the pages either from the Browse section of this website or by using the Search box at the top of the page in case you do not remember the exact command you are looking for.

For each command you will be able to view the full man page as well as a graph that demonstrates how this command links to other relevant ones. Make sure you access the graphs as well and read the lists of most popular commands ever and per week!

How was this website built

Many different technologies have been used to build this website. Below we can see a list of them with many thanks to every author or contributor.

  • LAPP stack (Linux, Apache, PHP, PostgreSQL)
  • Smarty template engine
  • Debian man pages
  • man2html utility
  • HTMLPurifier
  • Tidy
  • GEXF File Format
  • Python NetworkX library
  • sigma.js - parseGexf plugin
  • JQuery
  • Google Fonts